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Specialities of Hyderabad

Hyderabad Bangles
In the Hyderabad's history of enchanting pearls, Beautiful poetry, mouth-watering multi-cuisine, we also have the Hyderabadi Bangles. Since time immemorial, bangles, like Bindhi, has become an integral part of an Indian woman, more so, for a traditional Hyderabadi woman. They love to adorn their wrists with colorful bangles and their elders simply love the sound of "chan-chan" on their younger women folk. Bangles are not just a decoration for a woman but is a beauty in itself, ask any Hyderabadi man and he will vouch for it!!!! There are many types of bangles and roughly a couple of hundreds of shops are present near and around Charminar itself, where bangle sellers weave a web of magic around your wrists. The most famous is the Hyderabadi Lacquered Bangles, molded out of pure lac and studded with glittering and beautifully cut glass pieces of various colors. These bangles are a must for every Hyderabadi bride.Lad Bazaar is the main market for Bangles.

Cultured pearls in gold and silver jewellery are Hyderabad's speciality. The rice-pearl, a tiny variety of pearl lends itself to exquisite designs. The precious Basra, a pearl unmatched in lustre, color and price is also available.

Bidriware, is the most well-known of Andhra's handicrafts. Black metal inlaid with silver is the local speciality. Glass and studded bangles of bidri are a favorite with women Believed to have originated in Iran seven centuries ago, the black art reflects the Sufi influence even today. Moghul royals decorated their weapons on bidri style. Typical bidri items include plates, bowls vases., ashtrays, trinket boxes, huqqa bases, jewellery. The black colour is the result of the heating the zinc and copper surface gently and applying sal ammoniac with old fort earth. Main shopping areas are Abids, Basheerbagh, Nampally and Sultan Bazar in Hyderabad and MG Road and Rashtrapati Road in Secunderabad. The markets around Charminar are favoured for bangles and pearls.

Bronze Casting
Bronze casting is another speciality. Metal working has been transformed into a work of art by the artisans of Andhra Pradesh. Icons of various gods and goddesses are moulded to perfection in bronze. The beauty and grandeur of the realistic bronze castings are treasured items of those who buy it.

America : Coke :: Chai : Hyderabad

What is Coke to America, Irani Chai is to Hyderabad. Hyderabad is synonymous with Hyderbadi Irani Tea, locally called Chai, thanks mainly to the Iranians who have set up Tea Cafes in almost each and every Galli (ByLane) of Hyderabad.

It is not 5 star restaurants, it is not banquet halls, and it is not the posh lunch tables, but it is the Irani Cafes where many business meetings are held over a cup of Tea. Visit any Irani Cafe and you can invariably find groups of people rich or poor discussing everything under the Sun and even about the tasty Tea they are having at that moment. In Hyderabad, "From Pin to Government movements will done in IraniChai Cafe."

Maybe in no other city of India would you find so many Irani Cafes like the ones springing up in Hyderabad. Another notable feature is that almost every Irani Cafe has got a small cabin outside just attached to the Cafe which is more famously called as 'Paan Dabba', where people after having tea will buy a Cigarette or a 'Paan' (Betel leaves on which the Paan specialists mix many different eatables substances to get many distinct flavors).

And last but not the least, if you happen to go past an Irani Cafe with your friends for the first time, please don't forget to taste the Hyderabadi Tea and also don't forget to ask for a 1/2 Chai, which is a True Hyderabadi Tradition and Hospitality. So, try our Hyderabadi Chai and with it you will discover the Vigor, the Vitality, and the Friendly faces of Hyderabad.

Right now, the only competition faced by Irani Cafes are the growing number of Internet Cafes. The choice is yours, Chai or the Chip. Ofcourse recommends best of both worlds. Why don't you have a cup of Tea while on the internet?

Hyderabad is also the place for a variety of thin and delicately worked silver jewelry and the delicate craftsmanship is the hallmark of silver filigree work here. Intricately twisted strands of silver are braided together, hammered out into a gentle latticework of frail artistic grandeur. Typical filigree work can be found in key chains, boxes, trays, etc.

Mirror work:
With just a thread and needle, the tribal Banjara women transforms any ordinary cloth into a colorful piece of art. The distinctive feature of Banjara designs are the extensive use of mirrors. Typical items include cushion covers, bags, shirts, kurtas, bedspreads etc.

Ikat weaving:
To bring back a typical Hyderabadi souvenior,buy a specimen of Ikat weaving. It is one of the most unique of Andhra's handloom heritage, a craft that survives even today. Weavers prepare the yarn for weaving by dipping it in oil. Then the yarn is woven into fabric. The semi-finished fabric is waxed and covered in clay as per the design. This enables the subsequent dying process to take place in a select manner. Typical items include sarees, blankets, mats,carpets,coasters,fancy bags etc.

Lacquer ware:
Colorful and bright, these lacquered wooden shaped wares make an interesting in your drawing room. Decorative objects like flower vases, dolls, small containers, bowls are lacquered. The traditional styles have undergone change; today intricate designs embellished with stones, mirror glass and beads are available.

Wood carvings
with themes like gods, goddesses, figurines, birds, animals etc are a must-buy. They are breathtakingly beautiful and minutely sculpted. The wood with its distinctive reddish brown tinge, makes stylish artifacts of panels, columns and relieves.

For food stuff and dry fruits, Begum Bazar in Alfganj is very famous. Majemjahi market is the whole sale market for flowers and fruits. The Andhra Pradesh cooperative store, APCO is located at Abids. The best place to buy handicrafts is Kalanjali on Nampally High Road.



Hyderabadi Specials
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