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Hussain Sagar Lake

The picturesque lakes of Hyderabad have contributed to its immense beauty and tourist attraction. The lakes offer a fabulous time for holiday makers and water fiends. The Hussain Sagar is one such lake. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The Hussain Sagar was built on a tributary of the Musi river by Hussain Shah Wahi during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1562. It is a sprawling artificial lake that holds water perenially.

On the banks of the placid waters of the Hussain Sagar a water front or bund was constructed to arrest the flow of water on the other side. The "Tank Bund", as it is called, has become a busy motorable road for both light and heavy vehicles. The Bund is adorned on one side with 33 statues of the great luminaries of Andhra Pradesh. They seem to be a silent witness to the changing colors of the city.

As the dusk unfolds, the environs of Hussain Sagar is crowded with colorfully attired young couples and families. Dozens of vendors make brisk business selling yummy eatables. During the rainy season especially, the aroma of the freshly roasted maize corns pervades the air and beckons any passerby to halt and take a bite. Come summer time, visitors can enjoy a refreshing treat of sugarcane juice served in tall glasses or beat the heat with flavored ice creams.

Throughout the year the Tank Bund presents a picture of hustle-bustle of the regular traffic and the fun loving people who come to the water front for recreation. Also for these people, the cold and pleasant breeze along the lake takes them into a reverie where they are untouched with the present until the blaring sounds of the moving vehicles jostle them to reality!

A major attraction at the Hussain Sagar is the 16 meter high, 350 tonne monolithic Buddha statue on the Rock of Gibraltar. Made of white granite, it is finely sculptured and stands majestically amidst the shimmering waters of the lake.

The lake is encompassed on one side by the beautiful "Lumbini Park", an amusement park for the young and old alike. Then there is the enchanting "Birla Mandir" hewn on a hillock nearby. Standing on the Tank Bund at night, one is awe-struck to see the glimmering row of lights outlining the lake that look like a diamond studded necklace. This is the necklace road being readied to enhance the beauty of Hussain Sagar.

Hussain Sagar has other attractions for lovers of water sports. The yatching and sailing clubs at the lake are active and the annual regatta draws a good number of sportspersons and lay people alike from all around the country. During the regatta competitions, the lake looks picturesque and colorful with the yatches sailing on the shimmering waters.

Indeed the Hussain Sagar is a haven for young and old hearts, a thrill for yatchers and above all an ideal place for relaxation and recreation!!

Hussain Sagar Lake

Over the years the "Tank bund" has become a favorite haunt for the evening promenaders to take a stroll, while in the morning the health fiends are seen toning their muscles in jogging suits.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake
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