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Culture in Hyderabad

The civilization at hyderbad is grounded in a powerful set of oriental ideas & traditions related to a specific socio-cultural context ; underlined a marked class-based society of the nobility of the nawabs and the rajas; and though elitist, it still remains cohesive & harmonious. The hyderabadi civilization is not static and, as time progressed, new forces emerged, old ideas underwent reprientation and thus evolved the hyderabadi culture. The 400-year-old metropolis, a mixing pot of varied cultures, this cosmopolitan city is endowed with rich & variety of culture and heritage.

Hyderabadi attitude : Take it easy, cool ,breaking the conventional.

Hindu-Muslim ethos : Began with the Sultan’s romance with the beautiful Bhagmati.

Etiquette : Give preference to others over oneself.

Hyderabadi Baitak : social sittings even in the weekdays.

Cultural change : A revolution in social behaviour is under way, recasting values. The yuppie ethos has invaded the city and western haute couture is slowly being preferred over the sherwani and burqa. This is the city that has even been the home of a Miss world. Fortunately, gourmets have not let the Deccani cuisine, the Hyderabadi biryani in particular, pass into legend.

This attitude manifests itself in every day life of the Hyderabadi. Well to trace it back one has to go down the memory lane to the Nawabs who ruled Hyderabad .The Nizam of Hyderabad was once considered to be one of the richest man in the world and has set standards for a care free & laid back life and this legacy has been passed on quite effortlessly to the present generation of Hyderabadis who indeed take quite a lot of pride in exhibiting their bindaas culture.

In no other city of India will one see the kind of leisure time that's available over here. People in the metros of India are on a running spree all the time while in Hyderabad everything seems to be at its pace. At weekends all the people gather (Hyderabadi baithaks), justifying that they need to take a break from their life and the outcome is that all the restaurants, theatres, parks and every other amusement centres of the city are occupied. Any exhibition that is organized in the city is assured of a house full crowd.

While Muslim people are concentrated more towards the old city like Charminar, Secunderabad has got a more contemporary look with a concentration of Anglo-Indians. The city presents an attractive amalgam of old world charm together with the ebullience of growth and enterprise. Beautiful old edifices built in the medieval, Mughal, Colonial and Indo-Saracenic styles abound, rubbing shoulders with large glass and chrome temples of commerce.

Grace and Elegance are Imperative and become Hyderabad's second nature.

eliquette & social behaviour : in the daily life of hyderabad, the primary consideration in eliquette is to give preference to others over oneself.
for the hyderabadis , food is god.something that demands time, effort and passion too.

hyderabadi attitude : arre jaldi kya hai, aaraam se, baad-mea-karenge.

the city had a lot of charm, and the people who live here have an intrinsic goodness in them that touches u(one and all).

city teaches u good lesson :
this has remained through all the changes the city gone through in the last few yearsthat is something everybody need to learn; to retain what is good and move on with life.

looking at the flip side, laziness also is intrinsic to this city.but then, there is also a courtesy and an old-world air the city that grows on you.


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