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Classic Hyderabad

Legend has it that it was called Bhagyanagar, named after a village girl Bhagamati to whom Quli Qutub Shah was attracted to, during one of his hunting trips. When the maiden was ushered into the royal family she was known as Hyder Mahal. Significantly, the city was renamed Hyderabad. Exuding the atmosphere of 400 year old Muslim splendour, Hyderabad is a city of infinite variety. Founded in the 16th century by Quli Qutub Shah the fourth king of the Qutub Shahi dynasty, the new city encircled by pre-historic rock structures, was laid about 9 km from Golconda on the east bank of river Musi.

Charminar at the backdrop in the Old City, foreign traders from the Middle East buying and selling pearls. Exotic cuisine… the extravagant biryani and the lazy picture of Irani cafes serving chai, the eternally delightful tea. Thousands of varieties of Bangles found in Lad Bazaar in Charminar. A lovely lake in the middle of the city, with the picturesque giant Buddha statue, the newly formed necklace road around it, the other side… the twin, Secunderabad. Tank Bund,the bridge separating the twin cities,Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

And now picture the contrast. Modern and ancient in a perfect blend.Hyderabad has painted all over changing lifestyle and landscape.he laid-back metropolis is now a science city.Opel Astras and M Maruti Zens have shoved aside clip-clopping horse-drawn carriages. Elegantly tiled houses, giant archways and many-windowed homes no longer dot the skyline.The posh buildings and the fast traffic.Fly overs criss-cross busy intersections. Broad roads, modern commerce. And from Irani Tea to Samosa to Biryani to the other IT - Information Technology. HiTec City, proudly boasts of being one of the IT capitals of India. The e-world is already here. New economy is everywhere around. Little wonder, hi-tech and Hyderabad share their first syllable.

Discerning down the ages have found the city a place to behold, as charming as it is captivating. Hyderabad provides the gamut of places to fill any visit with wonder. A collage of cultural fervor and activity, every journey into this kingdom becomes a very valuable and very personal discovery and will be memorable to your heart.



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