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Irani Chai

like pearls and Biryani, Hyderabad is also synonymous with the famous  Irani Chai. Even a few of the  indian movies has a mention of it.

Unlike other type of teas, it is a concoction of milk, condensed milk and tea leaves. It is a thick and creamy blend and generally served with osmania biscuits which again is local to hyderabad. And above all this, it all costs Rs 3 to Rs 5 depending upon the popularity of the tea café.

There are variants of the Irani chai which one must try like the Khade Chammach ki chai if you have a sweet tooth. It is so named because the cup has so much sugar that the spoon stands upright when inserted to mix! The other variant is Burkhe wali chai. It is the Irani chai with a thick layer of cream above the tea. Most of the hyderabadis prefer this tea as cuttng tea which means half a cup of the tea many times a day. Infact an average hyderabadi drinks as much as 8 to 12 cutting teas a day .




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