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Adorable Hyderabad

The city is noted for its natural beauty, mosques and minarets, bazars and bridges, hills and lakes. The new icon of the twin cities - even as the Charminar fades, the HiTech City catches one's attention. Today, Hyderabad proudly boasts of being one of the IT capitals of India.


Lovers of unique geographical formation will enjoy the ancient rock formations around Hyderabad, with its landscape of stony ridges and hillocks, shaped into picturesque balancing forms. Geologists date these granite rocks of the Deccan 2,500 million years back. Certain formations have been put under protection.

Yes, Hyderabad can make you fat (mind your waist) and trendy but between these delightful preoccupations you might want to indulge in some other activities. You'll never get bored here.

Curiously, long time residents insist Hyderabad is still not a "big city" at all. Thus it retains the pleasant pace and unhurried charm of a provincial town, while slowly acquiring the benefits of a metropolis. The roads network is getting a long overdue spruceup, for instance with twelve flyovers - all at the same time. When these are completed, the appearance of the city will change. Right now Hyderabad is in its bouts of expansion. Fuelled by the demands from IT expansion, far away outlying areas are developed as campuses for IT firms. The next phase of expansion due to begin soon will encompass areas further away, this time for the biotech industry.

Magic of names:

A striking feature of Hyderabad is the names of its places. Names like Murgi Chowk, Jumeraat Bazar, Motigali and others, all evoke a nostalgia of grandeur. The Hyderabadi cuisine is a must-item on every tourist’s plate. Lukmi, Biryani, Mirchi Ka Salani, Khubani Ka Mittha, Akbari Halwa, SheerrKhurma and many more mouth-watering dishes await you here.

Hyderabadi people are considered to be very friendly and hospitable. Infact hospitality is the other name of Hyderabadis. They take pride in talking in their local, typical, and vibrant Hyderabadi language which is a mix of Hindi, Urdu, and Telugu in Hyderabad.

Have fun in this wonderful city. As a Virtual tourist, there is no limit to what this city can offer!!!



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