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Hyderabadi Specialities

Hyderabad! The 400-year old, once the Nizam's Capital, is today the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is the fifth largest metropolis in India occupying an area of 260 sq kms with an estimated Population of 4.27 million. A confluence of cultures and traditions, its position on the map of India is described as a link between the north and south and a meeting place of the east and the west, hence it is often called the 'Gateway to the South'.

Hyderabad city is offering a fascinating panorama of the past ( ancient civilisation & culture) with a mild climate, an air of spaciousness and old world values of courtesy & politeness, endowed with rich culture & heritage. It presents an amalgam of old world charm together with the ebullience of growth and enterprise which add to the attraction of the Twin Cities.This cosmopolitan city is truly a blend of fairy tale and the earthy, a pot-pourri of the old and the new It is also known as Deccan City, is a mixture of Telugu and Urdu Language. Ah, the good old image conjures.

The city's pace of life is serene yet agile, the ways of its people - gracious, warm and hospitable, the culture rich and varied, the cuisine and fruits varied and splendid, it's riches known throughout the world and it's style envied by many, all in all a beautiful and enigmatic city with lots to offer - History, Culture, Entertainment, Knowledge and above all, a mesmerising experience which u will hold close to your heart.

Attached to the city is its twin, Secunderbad, which is part of Hyderabad. The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderbad are separated by the Husain Sagar, an artificial lake constructed during the time of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah Wali in 1562 A.D.

Hyderabad is History by day and Magic by night. That's Hyderabad, a city of smiles, of lights, of thousand faces. It is a heady mixture of heritage, traditional hospitality and a thriving software revolution. The city is noted for its natural beauty, mosques and minarets, bazars and bridges, hills and lakes. The new icon of the twin cities - even as the Charminar fades, the HiTech City catches one's attention. Today, Hyderabad proudly boasts of being one of the IT capitals of India.

Discerning wayfarers down the ages have found the city a place to behold, as charming as it is captivating. Added to which, the efforts of the administration of the past decade or so have breathed into the city a look and feel you would love. Hyderabad provides the gamut of sightseeing, shopping, facilities, fun and frolic to fill any visit with wonder. A collage of cultural fervor and activity, every journey into this kingdom becomes a very valuable and very personal discovery.

Hyderabad has painted all over changing lifestyle and landscape. Opel Astras and Maruti Zens have shoved aside clip-clopping horse-drawn carriages. Elegantly tiled houses, giant archways and many-windowed homes no longer dot the skyline. Flyovers criss-cross busy intersections. The laid-back metropolis is now a science city. Hyderabad’s changing fast… Curiously, long time residents insist Hyderabad is still not a "big city" at all. Thus it retains the pleasant pace and unhurried charm of a provincial town, while slowly acquiring the benefits of a metropolis.

This 400-year-old bustling city with a mix of varied cultures, magnificent monuments and mansions (beautiful edifices built in the medieval, moghul and colonial styles) speak the language of glory of the past heritage, definitely deserves a look around.

There is an old tale that says "those who drink the water from the gandipet lake, one of hyderabad's main source of drinking water, will always return to this city second time."

Hyderabad represents a perfect blend of old world charm and modern day charisma.
People of the Twin Cities are proud of the history and heritage, their unique blend of cultures, the relaxed pace of life, and lifestyle, their cuisine.



Hyderabadi Specials
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